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Born and raised in Leeds, a true Yorkshireman with a penchant for photography, food and old Volkswagens. Currently in Rodley with my much better half Jemma (a fantastic photographer herself who is often my right hand woman when photographing weddings),her wonderful daughter Bella and our daughter Martha. I can usually be found on the drive underneath my slightly weathered and often broken down 1971 Volkswagen campervan, eating too much or prowling the abandoned industrial wastelands of Europe with my camera. (See more of my slightly obscure photographic adventures on my Flickr

Cluelessly picking up a camera in my early teens was a game changer, I was a creative type who couldn’t use a pencil or paintbrush, when I finally discovered the darkroom I was a happy young man. I spent most of my weekends taking photographs and then every spare second in the darkroom. I learned to process and print, finally taking a job as a technician in the darkroom I studied in for so many hours at school.

I moved on from the darkroom after a couple of years of safelights and chemicals and spent time travelling, honing my craft behind the lens and messing about with classic Volkswagens.

Fast forward a little further and after working freelance for various publishers and PR companies in a few different industries, I started taking photographs at weddings. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with wedding photography. I don’t think there’s anything quite like capturing a wedding day, no sweeter subject and no nicer story to tell.

Feel free to get in touch with ideas, enquiries or just for a chat. The kettle’s always on if you want to pop over for a brew, or I could bring my lovely old camper over to see you which is always stocked with a stove, kettle and teabags!*

*When it’s working!

Life is an awfully big adventure …

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